Aleks Marinkovic Creative Director

Aleks Marinkovic
Creative Director

Kirsten Jones Art Ninja

Kirsten Jones
Art Ninja

Introducing Think Connected.

We offer a full range of integrated creative services. From general concept generation through to design and production, for either traditional print  or digital website development. At the core of our customer offer is our 'connected' philosophy. This is our belief that all creative projects need to be connected by a single unifying purpose or goal. This can be a business objective, a marketing strategy or a brand building campaign.

From market segmentation to one-to-one conversations.

Traditional (pre-online) marketing would segment market sectors and then broadcast tv ads and newspaper campaigns at those groups. Today in the digital age, it is nigh on impossible to work out reliably who is viewing your ads or visiting your website. We work with our clients to establish their objectives and business purpose, so that they can project an authentic and consistent tone of voice across all media. Trust is built through honesty and reliability but interest is sparked through engaging and relevant content, and we help create that too. 

Everything is marketing.

At think connected we believe that everything a company does is 'marketing'. From car park signage and office decor through to how staff are dressed to social media and beyond. Everything is projecting an impression of your business or organisation to the world. We help by connecting all these various opportunities behind a single theme or concept. To use a cooking analogy, this single concept is the 'stock' that we can then turn into a variety of tasty dishes, all very different but with the same flavour at the heart. 

Welcome to our network.

Think connected is just the two of us, but with over 30 years commercial creative experience under our belts, we have a network of specialists we can draw on to make any project a reality. From photography and illustration to specialist printers and web programmers, we can draw on the skills of dozens of experts that we've worked with in the past. Another aspect of being connected that we're very proud of.

Thinking big, acting local. 

Creative services are changing. Large multinational groups have bought up all the independent creative agencies and they're staffed with contract staff and interns. Their work is derivative, expensive and impersonal. Smaller local agencies are more affordable but lack the breadth of ambition necessary to deliver truly inspiring work. At think connected, we offer both the creative scope of the large London agencies (where we used to work) and the personal touch of a local outfit. We could say it's the best of both world's. 

Old fashioned great service.

Our creative services cover the full project life cycle. From initial concepts, through design and into production and beyond. In many big agencies, you meet the A team during the pitch, and then you get the junior designer handling your account from then on. With think connected you will work with one of us from the outset and throughout. It's this relationship building and understanding of your business needs that enable us to see opportunities and deliver compelling creative that hits the mark and delivers results.